My Experience at Parallax

Last weekend was my first public event where I exhibited my sculptures. It was a three day exhibition/fair called Parallax Art Fair .

Despite unusually hot weather (London is not famous for its hot summers) there was a fair amount of people attending the event, - not all chose to do BBQ despite my expectations; although I remember the venue to be more crowded when I visited it in February.

It was a very interesting and motivating experience for me overall. My works were interesting to visitors and people constantly stopped by and asked questions. Many appreciated the depth and ideas behind my sculptures. Some photographed my works, others asked me to photoshoot them. Special interest was from kids who came with their parents. See the below gallery showing visitors holding my sculptures:

One of the most interesting observations I made is that my works triggered deeper interest in the visitors, who either artists themselves or work in art sphere (e.g. critics, curators, gallery owners). Typical feedback I heard from them that my work is rather mature and deep - indeed something that I would like to hear, as it does summarise my general moto in art.

Lessons learned. Next time I should test my exposition equipment more and in advance; one of the approached I planned to use to lift the table to be 110 cm high (from standard 70 cm) did not work, and in order to keep my stand stable I had to revert to default 70 cm to stabilise it - that was rather unfortunate.

This is how my booth looked at the beginning of the exhibition: