In my work I always try to find answers for existential questions like: is there beauty and joy in our lives?; why do we enjoy living if our strongest memories are of negative experiences?; what is the meaning of life itself?. I see human life as a sequence of emotional states (mostly negative) that we can barely comprehend and make sense of them, drifting from point A (birth) to a final destination - point B (death) - which awaits us just around the corner. 

I tend to think that moments of happiness are so rare & elusive, unsustainable and deceiving - yet are so needed in our lives - that we seek the meaning of our lives from them. If they are carved out from one's experiences then nothing but blood, despair, misery and emptiness are left. I am trying to look deeper in these states, dissecting them, and represent them in my art.

The ultimate question I want to answer can be phrased in the following way: Is there an ethically justified place for us - conscious human beings - in the existential climate of our perceptions of life, the very meaning of life?

Emotions and experiences linked to reality, in their purest forms, are my subjects of interest, which I try to express through abstracted figures.

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  • 2016 July - Parallax Art Fair (London)

  • 2016 December - 5th Barcelona International Art Fair